Founder of MasterMomz: My Story


Dawkins December 2017 -37_preview (2)


Founder of MasterMomz ‘Tamia’

NY-born and bred “mom expert,” Tamia, is an entrepreneur, wife and brilliant mom. Tamia Dawkins is the creator of MasterMomz, a resource for future momz, expectant, new momz and caregivers of children, which provides them with everyday tricks and tips to keep their ship floating. Tamia, is a passionate mother of three beautiful boys and the wife of DHD Sr. As a “Stay At Home Mom” she sought out to fully embrace her mothering season. Through passion, love and a desire to see all moms, excel while enjoying their experience of mothering, she created MasterMomz the # 1 Mommy resource which includes a personal mommy blog with tricks and tips and to lighten the load of motherhood.

MasterMomz was created with moms at heart, and in mind from another mother’s practical view and experience. The process of preparation for a small heaven-sent bundle of joy can be quite stressful. But with assistance, great assurance and the right planning, the process can become more enjoyable than ever. MasterMomz will be sure to provide each mother or caregiver of children with the preparation tips, tricks, and resources that will help in every way possible.

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