(Terrible 1’s?)

The youngest star of our team Dathyn (the baby) Declyn has decided to emerge and take on the true meaning of what most like to call the (terrible two’s) way before his 2-year milestone arrives in November.

HeĀ manages to run through the house on a regular basisĀ like a mini tornado seeking to turn over, up, and out anything in his path. As a mom of three, I honestlyĀ had to have sit back recently and try to remind myself of my past experiences with my other two children to see if I could remember them becoming a mini raging (I want things my way) little person.

Our pediatrician best described our Dathyn’s (craze)stage as a cry out for independence. She reminded my husband and me of what it would be like to be picked up and taken from one location to another every day, consistentlyĀ against your will. She says, Imagine being in your state now having people telling you what to eat, wear etc. It would cause you to become a bit feisty right….. Well.. I agreed.

I think as parents we have to be mindful of being empathetic about the different seasons that our children go through in their growth stages of life. It’s easy to shrug them off and deem theirĀ emotions and inability toĀ fully communicate the way we do as nothing.

It’s important that as the mature examples that we are to our children that we do the extra work to give them much patience and understanding. When we find ourself defensive of our children’sĀ  natural process of frustrations let us take a few steps back before moving forward.

Here are a few tipzĀ that I learned to help with counteracting frustration on both parts.Read them and feel to comment to let me know if they worked into your system of parenting.Ā I hope these tips are helpful! I want us all to succeed and enjoy our mothering experience!


ā™„Tip 1. Set out to shift your mindset to expect meltdown and other mishaps in the course of the day. In other words set your expectations at a healthy level with regards to your children.

ā™„Tip 2. Carry patience with you like your baby bag. Patience is an essential need in parenting any child at any age. Develop patience through practicing in differentĀ situations with your child.

ā™„Tip 3. Become empathetic. You can become empatheticĀ with your children by thinking about their perception and needs first in every situation.

ā™„Tip 4. Communicate first. Communicating with our children first before becoming frustrated always seems to calm them down so that they can hear us clearly. But when it doesnā€™t work for them lease you have practice sowing the seed of communication.

-Tamia D.

Founder of MasterMomz

From One Mommy Heart to another.


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